Jay Z: NYC Illuminati’s Puppet

jay-z-eye-of-horus There seems to be no shortage of conspiracy theories claiming that the secret organization known as the Illuminati are plotting to take over the world one Jay-Z album at a time. You will find many websites and blogs claiming to supply evidence of government officials acting alongside Illuminati in order to achieve world domination. Of course, no conspiracy theory is complete without at least a kernel of truth somewhere.

The Illuminati did exist at one time in history. It was established in Bavaria in the year 1776 by a German philosopher. Adam Weishaupt established this secret organization as a way to gain access to intellectual power and French enlightenment ideas. At the time, the Catholic Church invested most of their powers into domineering Bavaria, hence the need for a secret society meaning “the enlightened ones” in Latin.

jay-z-illuminatiThe Illuminati were short-lived even though they had 3,000 members at one time spanning the regions of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, factional fighting led to the downfall of the group in 1787 when the Bavarian government crushed them. Though many may have believed there would be a resurgence of the Illuminati, the fact is that the government threatened to execute any members, therefore, we can make the assumption that the society never reformed.

Why have rumors of this secret society withstood the test of time? According to SearchTides, French writers used the existence of the Illuminati as a way to blame the French for the French Revolution. Of course, Bavaria was one of the last places to join with Enlightenment ideas, making this accusation false.

Will rumors of a modern Illuminati ever die down? Perhaps not, but it’s important to understand the reality of where some of the conspiracy theories stem from. As for the so-called evidence, that’s for you to judge!