Was There A Connection Between Hitler And The Occult?

rune-72070_640There is a wide range of research, speculation, and theories regarding connections between Nazism and occultism together, particularly regarding Nazisms origins. These notions have had pop culture appeal since the early 40s, so one has to wonder if any of it had roots in the war propaganda perpetuated by the Allied forces fighting in and around Europe.

The topic however gained new popularity later in the 60s, thanks to a number of documentaries and books. Fictional works like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” definitely burned the possibility into people’s minds, especially as they tried to comprehend how a movement like Nazism could rise from the ashes of a nation defeated and battered by World War I and the Depression only to gain power over most of mainland Europe, slaughtering millions along the way.

Some historians have found that there were substantial links between parts of Ariosphy and the eventual ideology of Nazism. However, a central tenant of those that believe in connections between the Nazi founders and the occult believe the Hitler himself was subject to a demonic influence or possession of some kind. “Hitler Speaks” by Hermann Rauschning is often presented as source material for this, although most contemporary authorities on related subjects do not think Raushning’s works are reliable evidence. In fact, some evidence exists that his works were fabricated.

Given that much of Nazi property was destroyed, lost, or simply looted over the course of World War II, combined with the deaths of many Nazi leaders over the course of the conflict, first-hand accounts are practically impossible to come by regarding the early days of the Nazi movement. Considering that even third-party witnesses are now largely passed away, it may never be truly known what the connection was between Hitler and his early Nazis and the occult.